Cigar-Rollers-Rhode-IslandRhode Island Cigar Rollers are selected on a great amount of skills that don’t even include cigar rolling. These are skills that you may not even have thought of before, but your how your Cigar Roller interacts with your guests is really of ultimate importance; of course your Cigar Rollers speak English, have great presentation, smile, will be interrupted for pictures sometimes, and lastly, your Cigar Rollers cigars. A Cigar Roller needs to be a performer much more so than being a cigar roller.

All of these qualities are what we seek out and demand for our clients. Clients may talk about cigars for a little while but the personality of your cigar roller reflects on our brand, so all our cigar rollers throughout Rhode Island possess all of the qualities that will make you cigar feature the big hit of the night.

Cigar Rolling features are put together with our Cigar Rollers talent throughout the event season in New England. Your Cigar Roller lives in the area , making all of Rhode Island his exclusive territory. Cigars rolled by your Cigar Roller at your event are always wet and really should not be smoked until the next day when they are cured. The wrapper leafs that your roller is placing on the cigars are being rolled wet so they need to cure before they can burn properly. Your cigar roller will instruct your guests and guide them to the cigars that are ready to smoke. Your cigar roller will also cut the cigars for your guests if they can’t do so themselves, and will help them if they have never smoked a cigar before. In the end, you have a positive experience for your guests and they will reach out to you for their next big event

Cigar Rollers are booked by submitting the contact form, and once we receive those details a custom Cigar Rolling package will be generated for your next Rhode Island event. You will receive an email when your Cigar Rolling package is ready and we will arrange to speak to you personally to make certain that your vision is realized for your special day. We look forward to hearing from you.