Cigar Rollers Rhode IslandCigar Servers are a great compliment to large events in Providence. Especially at cooperate events that have a Cigar Rolling feature; a Cigar Roller is also booked to bring a cigar to guests rather than guests coming to the Cigar Rollers table. A Cigar Server will have a cigar tray with your cigars and custom cigar bands and will float the room just like the waitresses in the Speakeasies of the early 1900s. Your Cigar Server will enhance the visuals by roaming the floor with your cigars and will have cigar knowledgeable answers ready for your guests. Cutters are also provided for your guests so they can light up wherever they may be in your venue. Cigar servers don’t have to be female, in fact, we have performed events with both male and female servers. A cigar server can be booked alone anywhere in Providence or with a Cigar Roller. They have been a big hit for larger more upscale events that want to impress.

Cigar Servers are available in Boston, Newport, Providence, Cape Cod, and are common at the casinos, like the Foxwood. Typically dressed in modest black evening attire, both male and female Cigar Servers are peasant and interactive while they serve your guests.

Cigar Servers are the best feature to have when you have over 200 cigars, which allows your Cigar Server, to roam the room for a 2-hour period. Inquire about pricing for a Cigar Server and cigars for your event. Cigar servers are booked on availability, so make certain to fill out the contact form, which will give us details on your event.