box-churchill-cigarsThe Cigar Roller for your event is not the only concern you will have, in fact, the cigars will be scrutinized by the aficionados on your guest list. Your Cigar Rollers will be rolling Dominican fillers with Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf, which is the most popular combination in the cigar world. All of the major brands, including us, use Dominican filler and Connecticut shade for their cigars, creating a mild medium flavor that has made all of the popular brands part of a cigar lover’s life.

The Cigars rolled at the events are the same cigars sold in stores. In fact, the purpose of the cigar rollers that we have in 26 cities is to introduce new Cigar lovers to our brand. Most people that call us love the novelty of a cigar roller, however, when the event goes on, all of the guests will be smoking our cigars and that’s how we create a new following. No one is here on commission; in fact we are here to ensure that your experience is a great one. That means that your Cigar Roller will be on time, supervised and with the best cigars that you can buy, from the only Cigar brand that offers an event department.

Most Cigars that we offer are with a 50-ring gauge to create a classic Robusto, which makes for a smoking time of about 35 minutes for each cigar. We do have longer cigars as well, however, most cigars will be shorter cigars.

Cigars featured at our cigar rolling oriented websites are the models that are 50-ring gauge. The reason for this is so your custom cigar brands that will be attached to every cigar are visible. Simply put, thinner cigars like coronas require a smaller band, whereas larger gauges such as Churchill or robust will make for the band to be big enough to be viewed by most of your guests.

Churchill cigars will smoke typically 45 min. to an hour while the Robustos will smoke for about 30 to 40 minutes.